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December 29, 2011Leadership

Thursday is for Thinkers... and Turkey: A Look Back at 2011

I like to use my blogging platform to showcase new voices to readers. One of the ways I do that is with my Thursday is for Thinkers series-- trying to highlight women, people of color, and younger leaders (though, as you can see, not exclusively). I was once again blessed to have some great guest posts in 2011. I'll be starting them up again in January.

I also used Thursdays for a series of posts reflecting on my trip to Turkey on a Jet Set Vision Tour with the Upstream Collective. The Thursday is for Turkey series detailed my visits to the locations of the seven churches from the Book of Revelation as well as an interview with a friend I got to know while there.

Here is a full recap of this year's Thursday is for Thinkers features:

Here are the posts from the Thursday is for Turkey series:

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Thursday is for Thinkers... and Turkey: A Look Back at 2011