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February 22, 2011Culture, Leadership

The Federal Budget, Moral Issues, and the Church

A recent survey by The Pew Forum says that Evangelicals would favor federal budget cuts in areas that support the needy and disadvantaged. Christianity Today has an article explaining the situation and the survey.

The House of Representatives is working day and night in its effort to cut more than $60 billion from the federal budget. The House is considering a continuing resolution, a bill used to fund the federal government for the remainder of the year. The bill includes deep cuts for environmental agencies, education, and foreign aid (except those related to security). It makes modest reductions for defense, homeland security, and police. These cuts are in line with the spending priorities of most American evangelicals.

The Pew Research Center for People and the Press released a February 10 survey of Americans on their budget priorities, in which they asked them whether they favored increasing, decreasing, or keeping current levels of spending in specific policy areas. Pew provided Christianity Today with a religious breakdown of questions on the budget and spending priorities.


The top choices among evangelicals for the chopping block are economic assistance to needy people around the world (56 percent), government assistance for the unemployed (40 percent), and environmental protection (38 percent). In each of these categories, evangelicals were more supportive of decreasing spending than are other Americans. In fact, evangelicals were more supportive of funding cuts in every area except military defense, terrorism defense, aid to veterans, and energy.

Read the entire article and then come back to discuss. Are the Sojourners asking the right question, "What Would Jesus Cut?" What would you cut? Should the church's prophetic voice be heard on this issue, and if so, what should we be saying?

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The Federal Budget, Moral Issues, and the Church