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February 26, 2011

Grace Communion International and a Vision for Church Multiplication

My friends at Grace Communion International are kicking off a series of regional conferences this weekend, centered around the theme "On Mission with God." I have long been inspired by this now-evangelical denomination, formerly known as the Worldwide Church of God, and their process of doctrinal reform. I have blogged about their fascinating story.

In preparation for their regional conferences, they have given copies of Viral Churches to their pastors as they get ready to focus on church multiplication. At their request, I was honored to send them a letter to share with the attendees of this conference and future conferences encourage them in this effort, Here is what I sent:


I am very encouraged to hear that you are focusing on the issue of multiplication at the "On Mission with God" regional conferences. As a missiologist, I am encouraged to see that the church in North America is working toward a movement of church multiplication. As a church planter, I personally want you to join me in seeing new churches planted throughout our culture. As a fellow leader in the church, I share your joy in seeing new men and women coming to follow Christ as His disciples.

As you gather for the next few days, I hope you will find the issue of multiplication to be both challenging and filled with hope. The challenge will come as you look to see if your congregations are headed toward spreading the gospel in a viral fashion. In terms of hope, we can be certain that it is God's intention to multiply the number of people who are finding new life in Christ's redemption.

My prayer is that each of you will find your place in His mission to reach people from every tongue, tribe, and nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your friend,

Ed Stetzer

coauthor of Viral Churches and Transformational Church

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