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Narrowing the Name for the New Curriculum

Last week, I asked for some insight into the name for a new gospel-centered, theologically-driven, mission-shaped curriculum I am helping develop here at LifeWay. (I will be General Editor and Trevin Wax is the Content Editor.)

The working title was originally Telios and we've recently been calling it GospelEPIC. Most of you didn't care for GospelEPIC, and you made a number of suggestions.

CJ Godfrey shared what the title "GospelEPIC" brought to his mind. See my words about "hating him" in the comments of this thread. ;-) But, based on the negative response, we immediately decided that this was a terrible mistake and went back to the drawing board.

We've narrowed the list down to four titles we think are strong possibilities. Keeping in mind the description of the curriculum, tell us which you prefer of these four:

1. TGM: Theology. Gospel. Mission. Just a simple acronym that points to the subtitle.

2. Immerse: Theology+Gospel+Mission. (We could use the word in a number of ways: "immersed in the gospel," "immersed in the grand narrative of Scripture," etc.)

3. Engage: Theology+Gospel+Mission. (We like the outward flow of "engage"-- primarily because our goal is that people will engage the truth of Scripture in a way that leads to engaging in God's mission.

4. Pursuit: Theology+Gospel+Mission. (We like the double meaning of pursuit, first that God has pursued us. Then, once we have been pursued, we pursue greater knowledge of Him, pursue gospel transformation, pursue others with the gospel, etc.)

What do you think? Which of these titles seems strongest to you? Do you have other suggestions?

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Narrowing the Name for the New Curriculum