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February 26, 2011Leadership

Sunday is for Seminars

I try to post where and when I'm speaking on Saturdays, but sometimes (well, okay, always) hanging with my daughter is more important than timing things to post on the blog. So it's Sunday morning and I'd still like to share where I will be this week and ask you to pray for me.

Sunday, February 27th, Harvest Chapel, Chicago

Right now (if you are reading this as I post it), I am about to head over to two of the campuses of Harvest Chapel, where James MacDonald is pastor. James is speaking in Nashville and I am speaking for him in Chicago. I think he checked the calendar and I did not!

Monday, February 28th, Kentucky Baptist Evangelism Conference, Elizabethtown, KY.

Tuesday, March 1st, Army Chaplains Strategic Leader Development Training, Hilton Head, NC.

Thursday and Friday, March 3-4, M-Pact Montana, Great Falls, MT

I'm looking forward to speaking in warm Great Falls, MT for the M-Pact Conference.

Please pray for me as this is one of the busiest travel times for me this year. Pray I make much of Jesus and God's mission.

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Sunday is for Seminars