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January 11, 2011

Dealing with Issues in the Church: The Pew Shuffle

I just heard about a creative way to address a concern in the church. Midtown Fellowship was planted five years ago on Columbia, South Carolina.

The church outgrew its first location in the downtown science museum. They had the opportunity to start additional Sunday night services at a church in town, a traditional church with stained glass and pews. Some of the people attending the church did not care for the venue, especially the challenge of navigating up and down the pews.

The guys on staff developed the following video to tackle the problem:

Pew Shuffle from Jeremy Lethco on Vimeo.

Hmmmm. I think they need some exposure to Robert Webber and the Ancient Future emphasis. ;-) But, it is a different world when people need instruction in how to get into, and then sit in, a pew.

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Dealing with Issues in the Church: The Pew Shuffle