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May 16, 2011

Alan Hirsch and I Discuss the Missional Manifesto

As we do with all episodes from The Exchange, we place the videos here at the "The Exchange" link at the top of the site.

Last week, Alan Hirsch and I sat down (virtually) and talked about why we worked with a group of Framers to draft the Missional Manifesto. (In addition to Alan and me, the framers included Tim Keller, Dan Kimball, Eric Mason, J.D. Greear, Craig Ott, Linda Bergquist, Philip Nation, and Brad Andrews.

Here is our video from last week.

Also, I have been blogging through the Manifesto and you can see those here:

  1. God
  2. Gospel
  3. Kingdom

Feel free to embed the video on your site and engage in discussion there as well as here. You can also link to the Missional Manifesto series I've been doing here at the blog.

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Alan Hirsch and I Discuss the Missional Manifesto