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November 2, 2011Missiology

Liberty University Biblical Studies Symposium

Recently Liberty University hosted a helpful discussion on English translations of the Bible. Guests included biblical scholars Ray Clendenen (B&H Publishing), Doug Moo (Wheaton), and Wayne Grudem (Phoenix Seminary). Each highlighted a different translation of the Bible and engaged in a panel discussion responding to one another (taking questions as well). B&H will publish a book based on the symposium some time in the future.

To see video, click here.

We are in a time when people are discussing Bible translations. I think that is an important discussion, but it needs more light and less heat. These kids of discussions can help with that.

FWIW, I use the HCSB since I find its translation philosophy to be the most helpful. Also, I think the multidenominational team of scholars made the right choices in some challenging areas: translating doulos as slave, translating God's name as Yahweh, etc.

What translation do you use? Any particular reason?

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Liberty University Biblical Studies Symposium