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September 20, 2011Leadership

A Cheesy Stewardship Sermon

My United Methodist friends asked me to write an excerpt for a forthcoming book on stewardship. Since they said it could be something already on the blog, I thought I'd put it here to share with you. The blog related to a story involving Cheez-Its.

It also explains that when you use Google Image Search for "Cheese Its," my daughter is well placed! (Yes, it is misspelled-- sorry, Cheez-Its people.) The pic is probably 4 years old now and yet it still shows up.

You can find my original blog post about the sermon here.

Cheesy giving?

Throughout life we are presented with opportunities to exercise good stewardship related to finances. Sometimes we make good decisions and sometimes we make bad decisions, but, as followers of Christ, we seek always to honor Him in the decisions we make. An interaction with one of my children about snack food provides humorous but real insight into this struggle.

Recently, around the time I was teaching on stewardship at our church, I was drawn into an argument with my middle daughter over an empty box of Cheez-its in our cabinet. She was convinced that I eaten all of those tasty little crackers and became obsessed with getting her own Cheez-its to replace them. Her actions were like a person convinced there were no more Cheez-its in the world! The truth was, she did not believe that her father could provide for her by giving her more of this favorite food.

During the teaching series we created a big box of Cheez-its to put on stage to serve as a metaphor. We realized that fear (of not having something) leads to greed (I want that thing) leads to idolatry (I worship that thing) leads to bondage (it rules and imprisons me). My daughter's reaction to the empty box is an example of our own lack of faith that our Father can provide for our needs. It is also illustrates how any thing can derail our willingness to honor God by being good financial stewards.

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A Cheesy Stewardship Sermon