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September 6, 2011Interviews

"Our Last Great Hope, Awakening The Great Commission," Question and Answer with Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Author

Over the last few years, Ronnie Floyd has become a friend.  I've had the privilege to speak at his church, seen him lead though tough times, and have always appreciated his passion for the Great Commission.  Ronnie recently asked me to endorse his new book and I was glad to do so.

I asked Ronnie to come by and answer a few questions.  Feel free to ask a few of your own in the comments.

What served as your motivation and purpose for writing this book?

This writing project was unique for me, in that I was approached by the publisher to write on this subject. They had been watching our ministry at Cross Church and were aware of my commitment to the Great Commission. They had also observed my leadership in the Great Commission Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention. Therefore, last September they approached me about writing a book on the Great Commission.

When they came to me, their desire was not for a book that was theoretical about the Great Commission, but for one that was action driven, to help lay people and church leaders understand what it would take to fulfill the Great Commission. The motivation was high when they said to me, "Tell the readers what it will take to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ." We soon arrived at the same conviction: Our Last Great Hope is to see an awakening of the Great Commission.

While the book was written where any Christ-follower could benefit from it, I do believe if pastors, staff members, and the top two tiers of a church's lay leadership team will read it, it will move conversation about the Great Commission to top priority. This book would be a strong and highly beneficial investment for any church to make in its leaders and members.     


What are some of the things that make the book worth reading-- what's unique?

First, I believe this book helps each Christ-follower own the Great Commission personally. The spiritual life of the believer and the church is not divorced from the task of the Great Commission. The book confronts the believer's personal spiritual life and also gives a roaring call for the church to be awakened spiritually. Right up front, the book makes the Great Commission personal for each Christ-follower, from the most simple to the most complex person.

A second feature is that we have written a chapter on the family and the Great Commission. Our families must be transformed by parents becoming disciples, resulting in them discipling their children.  It challenges parents to engage their children in the life of the local church and equip their children to go to the nations. It elevates the Great Commission in the family, therefore changing the conversation in the home.


The third unique feature of this book I would highlight is that the entire book is very practical. It does not just lay the burden upon the reader and make them feel they have nothing to contribute to it. This book not only calls people to action, but also gives specific actions they can take personally, in their families, and in their churches. These are not actions that only "spiritual giants" can take, but actions anyone can and should take as followers of Jesus Christ.


What is the value for a church or church leader to read Our Last Great Hope?

There are many things in this book that most pastors would never feel the freedom to talk about with their people. If conversation in our churches does not move to the Great Commission, spiritual life, awakening, and vitality will not occur. Therefore, if a pastor and/or a pastor and his staff team will get this book into the hands of their people, the benefits will be plentiful.

For example, Our Last Great Hope talks about how we can capture our communities. America is so lost! We must view it and strategize to reach it as if we were entering another country to reach it for Christ.

Another way this book will benefit a pastor and his church is through its unashamed challenge for people to become first-tenth givers to their local church. It also challenges them to leave upon their death at least one-tenth of all their assets to their local church for the continuation of Gospel advancement. Additionally, they are challenged to leave upon their death an additional five percent to a Great Commission ministry such as a mission board, ministry, or seminary that is sold out to seeing the world come to Jesus Christ. I promise this will change the conversation in a dramatic way when lay people are challenged in these areas.


Anything else you want to add?

I want to encourage people to get the book in whatever format they enjoy reading. Share it with others. Use it in groups. Ensure pastors, staff members, and lay leaders get a copy of the book. In order to learn more about the book, visit ronniefloyd.com.

Feel free to join in the comments...

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