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December 19, 2012Culture

Top Blog Posts of 2012 - Getting Personal

It's that time of year again, when we start to reflect on the months that have passed, and take stock of all that we have seen and experienced. One of the best ways for me to do that is to look back at the blog.

When I look at the top posts of 2012, I see a few common themes that show up. This year, I decided to briefly look at those themes and point to a sampling of the most read posts that point to those themes.

The first theme showed that at the end of the day, the most widely read blog posts are the personal ones. We are people who love community even more than information, and that comes out when we share our struggles. This was all too real to me in May, when my family went through a major trial.

My daughter Kaitlyn contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (and, as I learned, she was one of many cases in Middle Tennessee this year). I knew very little about this disease, but soon became more educated than I had ever wanted. I blogged about our Kaitlyn's journey here. I was overwhelmed by the response over social media. More than 700 tweets went out linking the post, and that became the number one post of the year on this blog. During that time, I was contacted by people all over the world through every possible medium. It was a time of great struggle, but a time when we were also very encouraged by the support of so many.

Another highly personal blog post came from John Thomas submitted a guest post as part of the "Thursday Is for Thinkers" series. John is a former church planter, but not the typical one that speaks out. We often hear from planters sharing stories of success about what they did and how we can do it too. But we rarely hear from one who self-identifies as a "failed" church planter. John gave a transparent account of the mistakes that he saw as teachable moments, and it clearly struck a nerve with many readers-- making it the 12th most-read post this year. I was grateful that he was willing to share.

So, two out of the top blog posts were deeply personal contributions, and the responses they generated showed how it matters that we are in this together, not alone. Tomorrow, we'll look at blog posts that dealt with facts-- because, after all, facts are our friends.

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Top Blog Posts of 2012 - Getting Personal