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July 31, 2012Leadership

The Gospel Project Blows Up

I am new to the publishing side of curriculum. So, needless to say, it's been a learning experience as I've worked on The Gospel Project-- learning, gathering, editing, etc. I'm excited to see the development of this resource for all ages that connects theology and Bible stories to the grand narrative of Scripture and our mission as Christ's ambassadors.

Lately, I've been getting lots of tweets and emails from church leaders who are excited about using this curriculum in their churches. I've also gotten a few questions about some of the print resources for this fall currently being "on back-order." Well, you are right, but don't worry. Yes, The Gospel Project is "blowing up," but we have a plan!

Here's what happened. Whenever we put out curriculum, we make projections as to how many people will want it, and how many pieces should be printed, when orders will come in, etc. Frankly, the response to The Gospel Project has taken us by surprise. It is selling nearly twice the original plan (and we planned high!). We are already rushing a second print run so we can accommodate the orders that continue to pour in. It looks like hundreds of thousands of people will have a TGP resource in their hands this fall.

Needless to say, we are thrilled that so many have decided to use the curriculum. I was just looking at the list of churches using it and it is amazing. We are glad to see that lots of different denominations are using the curriculum: Evangelical Free, Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, non-denominational, and Lutherans (one Lutheran church using thousands of the student guides). The biggest user is a part of the Restoration movement! But, what is encouraging is that there are churches of all sizes and places, different denominations, and ministry styles. We are just thrilled that this will be a great help to so many churches. It's great to see people care about theology and mission and want to study it together.

Now, here is another piece of great news: as of tomorrow (August 1) digital delivery options for kids, students, and adults will be available.

All this to say... we're grateful for the response, and we're working to assist and accommodate church leaders. We've been encouraged by all the emails and tweets we've received. And we're excited to see this resource making an impact in churches.

Our prayer is that this curriculum will help God's people to better understand their identity as agenda of God's mission. Thanks for praying with us to that end!

If you're interested in using The Gospel Project at your church, you can get more info at GospelProject.com.

We have a pair of apps available for iOS as well. iPhone App or StudentsiPad App for Adults

Here is more information about the Gospel Project from some of my past posts:

Here are a few videos about The Gospel Project:

And finally, a few tweets we've received in the past few weeks as the curriculum has been received by churches.

Tim_Fisher_- Received the @Gospel_Project material today for this fall. It is better than expected.

Josh Hunt - I read the first lesson in Gospel Project. Great stuff. Reads like a best selling Christian book.

solomonjessie - We work with Deaf in rural Honduras and love the visuals from @Gospel_Project to share the gospel! wp.me/11Nuz pic.twitter.com/W4mSrgII

nathanbrewer89 - So impressed and excited with everything I'm seeing in the @Gospel_Project. This is some good stuff folks!pic.twitter.com/WEXmbHB3

MDMRN - Picked up the $5 @Gospel_Project introductory material from Lifeway. Loving it! #faith cc: @edgemerebc

bnjcwilson - Looking through @Gospel_Project for @gccmadison and loving what they have going on. Looking forward to Fall! pic.twitter.com/xlyeJwjY

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The Gospel Project Blows Up