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July 22, 2012

Possum Chronicles: a Yankee Learns about Possums through Capture, Mercy, & Release

Well, on Friday we were out shooting our bow and arrows (trying to blend locally by learning such sports). We were just in our backyard, so Jaclyn checked her rabbit trap. Much to our surprise, it had a possum in it. (Note: I get that it is technically and "opossum" but that is not what we call it here. In Tennessee it is a possum.)

I tweeted and included a picture:

Caught a possum. Now what? I'm from NY and have no experience here. twitpic.com/aa96em

– Ed Stetzer (@edstetzer) July 21, 2012

Then, I followed with a few more tweets:

While pondering fate of my new possum, using a bird cage as a jail. #yankee twitpic.com/aa9g4q

– Ed Stetzer (@edstetzer) July 21, 2012

The possum looks dead.I'm going to reach in the cage and grab $#^@%^!$@#!%#$^

– Ed Stetzer (@edstetzer) July 22, 2012

Note to self: possums are not your friend. #ouch

– Ed Stetzer (@edstetzer) July 22, 2012

I had many suggestions from friends about how to handle my new critter. It appears, much to my surprise, that you can eat them (here is a recipe book). However, most people said to just, well, "end" the rodent.

However, I preached on mercy this morning... so, I listened to my daughter and decided to let it go.

So, we loaded it up in the car (and tweeted, of course):

1 possum + 1 bird cage + badly-timed sermon on mercy = release in woods twitpic.com/aaldzv

– Ed Stetzer (@edstetzer) July 22, 2012

Then we drove far out so that the rodent would not find its way back to our house. And, here is what is looks like to free a possum by giving confused directions to your ten year old daughter. (For the record, we talked about all the safety issues first and were ready to run away if the beast turned on us.)

Jaclyn frees a(n) (o)possum while dad gives confused instructions from what now appears to be a safe distance from Ed Stetzer on Vimeo.

So, thanks to all for the advice and counsel... and thanks to my blog readers for putting up with this silly post.

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