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March 20, 2012Culture

'The Exchange' Webcast Goes to a Weekly Format

The Exchange, a free webshow directed toward pastors and church leaders, which I host, is now broadcasting in a weekly format.

Every Tuesday at 2 p.m. (CST), you're invited to tune in at LifeWay.com/TheExchange or on Facebook where we broadcast live. The format will remain centered around interviews with guests from around the world and taking audience questions via Twitter and chat.

We began The Exchange two years ago to address an increasing number of inquiries for ministry advice. I am asked regularly by pastors and church leaders for advice on certain subjects. My thought was to put together some topic-driven, online conversations that could help pastors. So if someone asks, "How do I help lead my church through revitalization?" I can say, "We've archived a 30-minute resource on that."

For two years The Exchange has broadcast monthly to viewers in all 50 states and more than 24 countries. Topics have included discipleship, worship, Bible translations, church planting, church revitalization, multi-ethnic ministry, and others. I hope moving to a weekly format will broaden the audience and the broadcast content.

The weekly program will provide you, the audience, with more information. I also want to bring in other voices. It will still be The Exchange with Ed Stetzer, but you will hear from people like Thom Rainer, Eric Geiger, Trevin Wax, Philip Nation, and Michael Kelley.

I hope we can help pastors and church leaders be more effective in their mission and ministry endeavors, to grow in leadership and also to think through issues from a theological perspective. At the end of the day it is my desire that leaders and churches would be more faithful and effective at what they do so that the name and fame of Jesus would be more widely known.

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'The Exchange' Webcast Goes to a Weekly Format