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March 19, 2012Missiology, Research

New Research: How American Adults Read the Bible

We released some new research last week focused on habits of adult Americans in relation to how they read the Bible. Among regular Bible readers, more than a third indicate they read it nearly every day and typically use one primary version of the Bible.

After compiling the research though, we can unfortunately conclude that among American Bible readers, owning multiple Bibles is much more prevalent than regularly investing time in reading it.

Some highlights from the release:

• Bible readers in the United States personally own 3.6 copies of Scripture
• Three-quarters of Bible readers (74 percent) have one primary Bible that they use most of the time
• Eighty-four percent of readers have more than one Bible.
• The higher the reader's education and household income, the less likely they are to use one primary Bible most of the time
• 75 percent of regular Bible readers personally chose the version they use most while 19 percent had it selected for them by someone else
• Nine out of 10 Bible readers are satisfied with the version they use most for personal reading
• Regular Bible readers are often involved in other religious activities. In a typical month, 85 percent attend worship, 72 percent read religious books, 53 percent attend Sunday school or Christian education classes, 51 percent attend a small group, 50 percent read religious magazines, and 47 percent are volunteer leaders.

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New Research: How American Adults Read the Bible