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March 16, 2012Culture, Humor

Weekly Wrap, Church Signs of the Week: Questionable Names & Questionable Spelling

Earlier this week at EdStetzer.com

Church Signs of the Week

We start this week with questionable names. Earlier this week, Jared Wilson was playing a game on Twitter trying to decipher names of church conferences from those of boy bands.

Boy band or conference?: NSync. 98 Degrees. T4G. All-For-One. Five. Catalyst. One Direction. Exponential. Next. Lead. Westlife. Orange. Blue

– jaredcwilson (@jaredcwilson) March 14, 2012

It was a humorous exercise, and he was right. Some of the conference names I've seen are a bit ambiguous at times. However, this women's conference title is interesting.

Then there is questionable spelling. These two signs are quite creative with their letter choices. I'm still trying to figure out which Bible translation uses the "F" instead of the "PH" in Alpha. (Though in Romanian, it works.) I know it's not the HCSB, though.

Thanks to Lizette Beard, lowfreq42, and Jon Hansen for these gems. As always, send me your signs on twitter @EdStetzer.

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