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October 22, 2012Culture

Morning Roundup 10/22/12: Everyday Evangelism; Creating Momentum

Steve Timmis has a helpful blog post on evangelism.

Everyday Evangelism -- Steve Timmis

Some people are natural evangelists. They somehow always seem to get into gospel conversations. They go into a shop, sit on the bus, or stand in a line, and they end up talking about Jesus. We do not know how they do it. Indeed most of the time they do not really know how they do it. It just seems to happen.

Neither of us is like that. We wish we were, but we are not natural evangelists. We have to work out how to do it. So our best course is to make merit of our deficiency and work out some ideas for sharing the gospel that other people who are not natural evangelists can use.

How can we talk about Jesus in the context of everyday life? If church and mission are more than an event to which we invite people, if they are about ordinary life with gospel intentionality, how do we do everyday evangelism?

The first answer is to do everyday pastoral care. Think of your Christian friends as an opportunity to practice! If you find it hard to talk about Jesus with Christians, then how do you expect to talk about him with unbelievers? As you get more in the habit of talking about Jesus in the everyday with Christians, you may find it easier to talk about him with unbelievers. The links between everyday life and Jesus will become easier to spot. Let your unbelieving friends overhear you talking about the gospel with one another. We do not mean stage-managed conversations--people will see through that straight away. We mean exposing them to a community genuinely centered on Jesus. As people come into this community, they will hear the gospel being spoken around them.

We want to suggest some tools for talking about the gospel with your unbelieving friends. In pastoral care and evangelism, the content is the gospel and the context is everyday life.

Artie Davis, who is someone you really should be reading, has a good post on creating momentum.

4 Keys to Creating Momentum in Your Church -- Artie Davis

At times momentum can be an illusive goal. It seems to come when least expected, and dissipates when we feel it should be present. In the church world, it seems even more illusive.

I've found there are four vital pillars that must be in place in order to hold any momentum that begins or maintained.

Mission - Mission is the "What" your church should be doing. In the Bible, we would recognize this is our commission or the great commandment. "God and make followers of all people."

No matter where you are, that is your mission. Don't let any "method" drive or steer your mission. The mission must drive the method.

Mechanism - What's the vehicle that will drive the mission. Again this may seem a little elementary, but the simple things are the ones that seem to end up being ignored or forgotten, and the latest get big quick plan becomes the flavor of the year.

The Mechanism we have to accomplish our mission is the Church. The church is the only vehicle ordained by God to carry out and grow the Kingdom. And the church has three parts:

• Me (The individual)

• We (The circle or group)

• Us (The Congregation)

All of these are the church, and must be fully engaged in order for any momentum to take place.

Movement - This takes, on-ramps and predetermined measurable steps. It's not just a matter of getting people into the Kingdom, they have to be helped, enrougaged, and empowered to move from one level of maturity to the next.

This process of movement will differ from church to church, but every church must have a process and the process must be measurable to ensure people are moving in maturity and becoming more like Jesus.

Multiplication - What doesn't reproduce will eventually become extinct! The multiplication factor must be apart and it"s the main hub of momentum. When the (3) parts of the church... Me, We & Us begin to grow and multiply. Momentum, lasting, earth shaking and hell robbing momentum occurs!

And when a church has momentum in growing the Kingdom, it's an incredible force!

An update from The Exchange.

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Morning Roundup 10/22/12: Everyday Evangelism; Creating Momentum