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September 27, 2012Research

Discipleship, Young Adults, and Deeper Teaching: My Presentations at the D6 Conference

Thanks to the organizers of the D6 Conference in Frisco, TX. That conference is going on right now, but I shared a few thoughts there yesterday and promised to post them on my blog today. (I hate to see people feverishly taking notes in a presentation.)

First, is my presentation on discipleship. You can download that here. You may be interested in several releases we are doing on the data. Here are a few examples here:

What we learned is best presented in Transformational Discipleship, a book by Eric Geiger, Michael Kelley, and Philip Nation. Also, you church can find out more about the Transformational Discipleship Assessment here.

Second, I presented on the value of deeper teaching that is Christ-centered and mission-driven. That was taken from a lot of the work we have put into The Gospel Project. You can find several posts about The Gospel Project here that gives much of the content I shared in the meeting:

Here is the actual presentation I gave yesterday in the main session.

Third, here is the data I presented from Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and Churches that Reach Them.

I will be praying for those of you at the conference that you will be blessed and encouraged. Appreciate you!

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