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December 26, 2013Culture

Top Current Events Posts of 2013

What current event blogs were most viewed on The Exchange in 2013?
Top Current Events Posts of 2013

Our world changes every day. Some days are "slow news days" and other days there is so much going on, for good or ill, that it is difficult to keep up with how the world is changing. One day we may rejoice at the discover of a cure for a disease, and the next we're mourning the plague of sin that led to massive loss of life.

Writing on current events is important to me because it allows me to meet people where they're at. Whether they're saddened by the loss of a famous leader or laughing at the latest publicity stunts of an entertainer, Christian commentary on current events is important. So, without further ado...

Here are my Top 5 Current Events Blog Posts of 2013, with excerpts:

1. Privilege, Blame, and Injustice: Reacting to the Zimmerman Verdict

2. Prop 8, DOMA, and the Christian Response

3. Chuck Smith Has Died

4. Another Day, Another Faux Christian Outrage: Costco's Fiction Bible

5. Why Christians Should Be Speaking Up about the Surveillance State

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Top Current Events Posts of 2013