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November 22, 2013Humor

Church Signs of the Week—November 22, 2013

Be Born Again; It's Going to Happen; Dying to See You
Church Signs of the Week—November 22, 2013

I appreciate the straightforward tone of the sign person on this one.

I know it's a little blurry, but this one was just too good to pass up.

I see what they're trying to say, but come on, you could have worded it just a little better.

Update: The sign is funny-- which is awesome. However, it turns out the pastor is ACTUALLY dying. Wow. Click Marty Cauley's blog to follow his journey, but this post on his sense of humor (as evidence in signs like this!) and this one on dying slowly, are good places to start.

What an amazing story... and a pretty funny sign in the midst of a pretty tragic situation.

Here is a bonus sign for the week. Not a church sign, but still awesome. From Brilliant Ads on Twitter.

Thanks to Rodney Calfee, Jamie Teagle, and Marty Cauley, for sending these in. As always, send me your signs via Twitter to @EdStetzer.

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Church Signs of the Week—November 22, 2013