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November 25, 2013Leadership

Morning Roundup 11/25/13

Christianity dying; C.S. Lewis Popularity; Pastors and Vacations
Morning Roundup 11/25/13
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Christianity at risk of dying out in a generation, warns Lord CareyJohn Bingham

Though the title does not really match up with the article, it is still worth reading. (Carey said it is one generation from extinction, which is what every youth pastor says—not that Christianity is at risk of dying out in a generation.) Christianity won't die out in a generation in Britain either.

C.S. Lewis, more popular 50 years after his death than he was in lifeSarah Pulliam Bailey

Here's more on C.S. Lewis. (You can read my article here.)

Pastors and VacationsThom Rainer

Thought this was interesting…and disturbing.

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Morning Roundup 11/25/13