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October 29, 2013Leadership

Church Planting in the City and in a Multi-Ethnic Context: The Next CPLF Gathering

Join us at our Church Planting Leadership Fellowship in November.
Church Planting in the City and in a Multi-Ethnic Context: The Next CPLF Gathering

For the past few years we have hosted a gathering of church planting leaders from across North America to consider process and practices of church planting. We call this group the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship.

This is a peer group, specifically focused on those who are leading church planting efforts in their denomination and/or network. This coming month we'll be hosting our next gathering, and this time we are focusing on Alpha cities and multi-ethnic church planting. We have gathered together a faculty that is among the finest minds in North American church planting and, if you are a denomination or network leader, I want to invite you to consider joining us as we learn together.

Our faculty this year features names like Tim Keller, Wilfredo de Jesus (Pastor Choco), Andy Crouch, Justin Buzzard, Ray Chang, Aaron Coe and Alvin Sanders. You can find bios on each of these speakers, as well as more information, at our CPLF website by clicking here.

With the increasing urbanization occurring, not only in North America, but also across the globe, and with the increasing ethnic and cultural diversity in North America, there may be no more important topics to deal with than that of Alpha cities and multi-ethnic church planting.

During our two days together we will dig deeply into these topics from men who are excellent practitioners, who have pioneered some innovative efforts in these fields. Coming from a diverse theological and denominational spectrum, our faculty will be certain to encourage you, challenge you and point you to a more effective practice of church planting.

If you are involved in church planting, on the level of leading a denomination or network's church planting emphasis, we would love for you to consider becoming a part of the CPLF. Our team will gladly get an application to you so that you can become part of our learning community. If you are interested in joining, email Shirley Cross at shirley.cross@lifeway.com.

If you want a taste of what these meetings are like, here are a few recaps from previous meetings.

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