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August 6, 2014Leadership

Morning Roundup 8/6/14

Being a Bridge Builder; A Church for Exiles; Church Attendance
Morning Roundup 8/6/14
Image: Irving Underhill / Wikimedia

7 Ways to be a Bridge BuilderBrad Lomenick

Good article from my friend Brad Lomenick, who, might I add, is a bridge builder.

A Church for Exiles—Carl Trueman

Somber words from Carl Trueman.

Dear Mona, How Many Americans Go To Church Every Sunday Like I Do?Mona Chalabi

Here's a helpful look from Nate Silver's people. I endorse these stats. ;-)

Pastor and author Dr. James "Jim" Emery White joins me live via Skype for this fascinating and fact-filled episode about the cultural trend called by Pew Research "The Rise of the Nones." In this clip, we talk about the rapid acceleration in the rise of the nones. Don't forget to join me every Tuesday at 3:00 PM Eastern for The Exchange.

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Morning Roundup 8/6/14