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December 4, 2014Leadership

Speaking the Story at Christmas

This Christmas season, don't pass up the opportunity to share the gospel with others.
Speaking the Story at Christmas

Without fail, every year, Christmas is the time of year I've seen the most non-Christians open up to the idea of Jesus and church than any other time of year. The Christmas season is a wonderful time for Christians to share their faith with friends and family who they may not see very often and whom are more open to Jesus than at other times in the year.

But for most Christians, sharing the gospel with friends and family doesn't get easier just because people are more open to Jesus. Openness to Jesus doesn't always rid the Christian of the fear of evangelism.

Open Season!

This is the time when people are substantially more open than other times during the year. That's not just my opinion, we actually have done research on it. See this release but this graphic explains it well:

So, Christmas is the season to share Jesus.

Evangelistic Opportunity

I am passionate about evangelism, and I am regularly encouraged by the work of Wheaton College's Billy Graham Center for Evangelism. (Check out Evangelvision if you haven't already.)

The Billy Graham Center has a new project that you really ought to explore. For both laypeople and vocational ministers alike, this new tool can help you share the gospel and lead others to do the same this Christmas season.

Here is a blurb from the Billy Graham Center about their new project, Speaking the Story at Christmas:

We have created Speaking the Story at Christmas to help you begin these faith conversations with friends, family, and neighbors. Each 3-minute training video features an expert who offers encouragement and guidance in a sharing the gospel in a certain context. Please use these videos in any way you see fit, share them with others, dialogue with your small group. We pray each would move you closer to finding your vital role in witnessing of Jesus to those who are near andfar from Him.

The video series runs throughout the month of December (the first video was posted yesterday) and will feature people like Jonathan Dodson, Laurel Bunker, me, and others.

Below is the first video, and below that is my video. Be sure to head to their website and check out more.

Keep up with the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism this month and share the gospel with a friend or family member.

Here is my contribution to the project:

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