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May 7, 2014Church Planting

4 Free Resources for New Church Planters

Church planters could always use free resources. Check out these four from LifeWay.
4 Free Resources for New Church Planters

I love church planters—and so does LifeWay. Our primary goal at LifeWay is to provide biblical solutions for life.

As a result, we at LifeWay want to help new church planters by providing them with four key resources: some curriculum, a website, leadership development tools, and free printed LifeWay materials. Church planters who have planted churches within the last two years, regardless of denomination, may receive the following four resources:

1. Bible Study Groups (6 months of digital curriculum for all ages)

Bible study curriculum is one of the foundational parts of ministry for many churches, and LifeWay wants to give church planters a head start by providing six months of free digital curriculum for all age levels.

2. Free Church Website Design and 1 Year of Hosting

Having a website designed from scratch can cost a lot of money. Most church planters don't have enough money to hire out a web designer to whip up a fancy website. LifeWay values the online presence of the church and wants to provide new church planters with a free website and a year of hosting.

I have planted a number of churches over the years, and I definitely am not skilled in building websites, so I know that this would be helpful for me.

3. Leadership Development with Ministry Grid

LifeWay has just launched a new ministry training tool: Ministry Grid. Training church volunteers in a room for six hours on a Saturday afternoon is becoming increasingly difficult, but with Ministry Grid, training ministry volunteers is easy. Ministry Grid has over 2,000 online training videos you cannot find anywhere else. From the parking lot to the pulpit, Ministry Grid has videos for every ministry in your church.

LifeWay is offering a free year of Ministry Grid to new church planters—an invaluable resource. Volunteer training has never been more efficient or comprehensive.

4. $500 in Printed LifeWay Resources

Church planters are the foot soldiers on the front lines of the Great Commission battlefield. LifeWay wants to equip new church planters with $500 worth of free, printed resources from LifeWay of the planters' choosing.

Church planters and their respective church plants so often have such limited resources. LifeWay's desire to provide biblical solutions for life manifests itself in a number of ways, and supporting the church planter financially is one of them.

More Information

Currently, a significant trend in the U.S. and around the world is a renewed emphasis on starting new churches. More than 4,000 new churches are launched in the U.S. each year alone, each one representing the potential to reach new people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, new churches commonly struggle with limited resources, a lack of trained volunteers and few tools to support their work. Even more, these limitations can often be the most detrimental to churches in their very first years.

But LifeWay is committed to help.

Get more information here.

***For Non-U.S. Residents: Please fill out the form as a U.S. resident as much as possible. Also, please make a note in one of the fields that you are a non-U.S. resident, and the LifeWay employee who contacts you via email or phone will talk with you about international options. Contact chris.martin@edstetzer.com with any other questions you may have.

To qualify to receive the free offers above, simply complete the form here.

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4 Free Resources for New Church Planters