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November 18, 2014Leadership

Want to Be My Executive Assistant?

I'm looking for a new Executive Assistant to serve on the team at LifeWay.
Want to Be My Executive Assistant?

So, I am looking for a new Executive Assistant.

My current EA is Dwayne Ewers. You might want to know that as you get more interested. He can fill you in on what it is like.

Dwayne has been faithfully serving for almost three years now. When he came, I asked him to serve as my EA for about this long before he took another job at LifeWay. Now he is ready for a promotion—and I'm glad for him, but sad for me!

The full job description is here. If you have an interest, you should follow the process there. You should not contact me unless we are best buds, have had a meal together, or something like that. We have a process here and our HR department makes that magic work. A lot of this job entails processes, so if you can't follow this first one, you probably should not apply. ;-)

To be honest, the kind of person I have worked with is different for the last two times. Amy Whitfield was a great editor, writer, and communicator. I had the privilege of mentoring her in communications and now she is Director of Communications at Southeastern Seminary. Dwayne, on the other hand, was a great screener, organizer, facilitator, etc. We also traveled together, etc. He'll be stepping into a new role soon (details TBA), which is a promotion in the organization.

So, I like the idea of working with someone who wants into the organization, will commit to three years, and will then step into a different role at that time. I would also love to find someone who considers EA work a life calling and would just want to stay there. What I need most is someone who has a servant heart who is willing to be flexible in order to get the job done and can maintain integrity and confidentiality at all times.

The work is fast paced, varied, and impactful. We primarily work in communications, research, and ministry partnerships. In other words, it is not just research, but also includes two magazines and other releases. And, we work with different denominations, networks, and churches. So, the work changes a lot. This position needs someone who is both detail-oriented and relational, able to keep track of multiple issues but also able to interact with friendliness and a gracious spirit.

Please share the info with anyone you might think is interested and qualified, keeping in mind what it must be like to work for Ed. ;-)

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Want to Be My Executive Assistant?