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The Gospel Project: Men Discipling Their Sons

Over 775,000 people study God's Word through The Gospel Project every week.
The Gospel Project: Men Discipling Their Sons

The Gospel Project team believes that it is important for kids, students, and adults to not learn only Bible stories but also learn the Bible story. The story of redemption through Jesus Christ. This is why we fashion every study in such a way that each participant not only knows the depths of gospel but goes on mission with the gospel. I am thankful to be the general editor of The Gospel Project because this is what I am about; I want people to understand how the gospel encourages and empowers missional living.

We offer a full month of The Gospel Project for free. You can preview our Christ-centered curriculum for kids, students, and adults. ​

The Gospel Project has only been around for a few years. By God’s grace we recently celebrated the fact that over 775,000 participants are working through The Gospel Project week in and week out. As the number of users continues to grow, we are receiving more and more stories of how God is using The Gospel Project in various church traditions and in different places.

Check out the story Kemp England of a police officer from Denver, NC. A man who wanted to lead other men in his church to intentionally find ways to disciple their sons. Following Kemp’s initiative, several fathers in the church started meeting with their sons to hang out as a group and discuss God’s Word using The Gospel Project. This wasn’t something that his pastor Chris Griggs asked him to do, it was an organic ministry that grew out of the desire of a father to disciple his son. Now they are gathering, discussing God’s Word and theological concepts, and learning to apply the gospel to every area of life. We are thankful that these men trust The Gospel Project to guide their time together.

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The Gospel Project: Men Discipling Their Sons