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Oct 11, 2014

Saturday is for Seminars: Lynchburg, D.C., and Chicagoland

Refuel, Liberty, Evangelical Leaders, Chicago, and more! |
Saturday is for Seminars: Lynchburg, D.C., and Chicagoland
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Over the course of the next week or so, I'm headed to Lynchburg, VA, Washington D.C., and Chicagoland, which I wrote a bit about last week.

Wednesday, October 15th: Lynchburg, VA—Refuel

On Tuesday evening, I will arrive in Lynchburg, VA, and on Wednesday morning I'll head to Thomas Road, where I'll be speaking at the Refuel Conference. I will be speaking alongside a number of gifted leaders including Mark Batterson, J.D. Greear, Ronnie Floyd, David Nassar, Jim Cymbala, and others. Over the years, I've really grown to appreciate Jonathan Falwell more and more. This is an annual conference that I always am glad to serve.

Here is a helpful video that shares a bit of the vision for the conference:

You're welcome to register and join us next week.

Thursday, October 16th: Washington D.C.—National Association of Evangelicals

After speaking on Wednesday and spending some time at the conference, I'll head to Washington D.C. on Thursday for the board meeting for the National Association of Evangelicals. I'm thankful I get to serve alongside these other evangelical pastors and church leaders. I wrote about why the NAE matters in an earlier post.

I'll share a some research during the board meeting related to a project we are working on with the NAE.

Friday, October 17th: Lynchburg, VA—Liberty University

On Friday, when our time is up in the nation's capital, I'll drive back to Lynchburg and head over to Liberty University and speak at Convocation.

The Liberty Convocation is over 10,000 students-- and is the largest weekly gathering of Christian young adults in the world. Johnnie Moore invited me and graciously has invited me annually, but he has headed off to California to work for Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. You probably know their work including the Son of God movie (and the forthcoming A.D., which I just endorsed).

I wondered how they would replace him, but then they announced David Nassar.

If you don't know David, you should. He's the real deal, a friend, and a great leader. I'm excited to see him in this strategic role and look forward to spending some time with him. I'm surprised they pried him out of his church and Birmingham, but it's a great win for Liberty.

Tuesday, October 21st to Friday October 24th: Chicagoland—Trinity and Wheaton

Looking ahead, in two weeks, I will spend some time at both Trinity International University and Wheaton College.

My first stop in the Chicago area is at Trinity International University. I am thankful to be able to be a part of the inauguration of their new president, Dr. David Dockery. I'm thankful for David's long term academic and spiritual leadership that has been so impactful.

Simply put, David is the real deal and I am very excited he is leading Trinity.

During the day on Tuesday, I will be teaching in a few classes at is Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, but then that evening, we will broadcast live from the Trinity inauguration activities. It's open to all, but you can also watch online.

The live broadcast will be Tuesday night from 7:30 to 9pm central, as I host a roundtable discussion about the future of evangelicalism, denominationalism, and a number of other topics. Joining me for the discussion will be Don Carson, Peter Cha, Paige Cunningham, Timothy George, Bryan Loritts, and Tom Nelson. You can watch the program at this link.

(Speaking of the show, stay tuned for an exciting announcement about our new national cable location-- more on that in a few weeks, but it will be amazing.)

The inauguration goes on all week, with the highlight being on Thursday when the actual ceremony takes place. (I'll be there, wearing Thom Rainer's academic regalia, since I did not save mine!) Be sure to visit the inauguration page, because they have a remarkable list of concerts, lectures, and activities.

On Wednesday, I'm headed down the road a bit to Wheaton College.

On Wednesday morning, I'll be speaking in Wheaton Graduate School's chapel. That's open to the public. Then, right after, you can join is for an Evangelism in the Public Square event at Wheaton's Billy Graham Center. It's a brown bag lunch deal-- I will be talking about the state of the culture and the evangelistic challenges and opportunities it presents.

I'll be taking Donna with me, so that makes it an even better trip.

Pray we make much of Jesus!

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Saturday is for Seminars: Lynchburg, D.C., and Chicagoland