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April 18, 2015Leadership

Saturday for Seminars: Australia 2015

Saturday for Seminars: Australia 2015
Image: Lachlan Fearnley / Wikipedia

It is Sunday morning in Australia right now and I'm getting ready to head to church.

I am excited to spend time with pastors and church leaders all over the country. Here is a bit of where I'll be and what I'll be doing. If we happen to cross paths, be sure to say, "G'day, mate."

Sunday, April 19th—St. Philip's Church, Church Hill, Sidney

In a few minutes, I'm going to join the people of St. Philip's Church to preach and worship Jesus together with them. I'm looking forward to spending time with the good people there. Here is a graphic of just what the pastor said about my visit!

Monday, April 20th—Masterclass, Sydney

On Monday, I will be at St Anne's Anglican Church leading what is called a "Masterclass," which is basically just an all-day conference, sponsored by Effictive Ministry, the Centre for Ministry Development at Moore College, and The Geneva Push. I'll be teaching four sessions. Here are the topics for our discussions:

  • Session 1: Culture and the Unchanging Gospel
  • Session 2: Transformational Discipleship
  • Session 3: Bringing the Gospel to the Unreached & Unengaged
  • Session 4: Church Growth

I'm thankful for the opportunity to lead what will certainly be upbuilding, insightful conversation.

Tuesday, April 21st and Wednesday, April 22nd—Connect15: Christian Media Australia, Gold Coast

At the Connect15 Conference hosted by Christian Media Australia, I'll be leading a workshop ("Masterclass") on Tuesday and a keynote address on Wednesday.

My workshop, the Communicators Stream, our topic will be "Reaching New Audiences, Understanding Trends, & Addressing Social Issues.

I plan on sharing some research that I hope will be helpful, and we'll discuss some best practices for engaging and understanding the world around us.

My keynote is entitled, "The Mission and the New Millennium: Three Ways Christians Will Address Culture in the West."

I hope that I can be an encouragement to the folks there, and I am sure they will be an encouragement to me as well.

Thursday, April 23rd—Masterclass, Brisbane

On Thursday, I'll be leading the same discussions I lead on Monday, just with a group of people in Brisbane instead of Sydney. This event is co-sponsored by Queensland Theological College and will be held there.

Friday, April 24th—"Mission in Melbourne"

On Friday, I head to Melbourne for the last full day of my trip to speak four times at the "Mission in Melbourne" conference, sponsored by Ridley College and meeting at Mentone Baptist Church. Here are our four topics of conversation:

  • Session 1: Mission of God
  • Session 2: The Gospel & the Mission
  • Session 3: Moving Your Church to Mission
  • Session 4: Engaging All God's People in Mission

Like I said, if we happen to cross paths while I'm in Australia, say, "Hello." I'm happy to be here, and I'm thankful for the good discussions we're going to have.

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Saturday for Seminars: Australia 2015