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August 17, 2015Leadership

Morning Roundup 8/17/15

Success and Character; Mental Health and the Church; Pancakes and Evangelism
Morning Roundup 8/17/15

Seven Signs Success Has Outgrown Your CharacterEric Geiger

Lately, I’ve found myself thinking about character a lot. Part of that is the need to develop my own character. Part of it is what I see in some circles. This post resonated with me.

The Gathering on Mental Health and the ChurchSaddleback Church

Kay Warren is a friend and she shared this with me. I do believe that one of the great legacies of the Warrens will be how God used their pain, and they allowed God to do so, to help churches deal with mental health issues. This conference will help break the stigma and the silence.

Pancakes & Prayer: When the Gospel Comes to IHOPFrancie Winslow

I just thought this was great and wanted to share it with you! We've hosted Francie on the blog a couple of times here and here.

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Morning Roundup 8/17/15