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December 16, 2015Leadership

Collaboration Matters: Launching the Evangelism Leaders Fellowship

Gather together with others who work to equip the church to reach people with the gospel.
Collaboration Matters: Launching the Evangelism Leaders Fellowship

A few years ago, we formed a group called the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship. It is a group that helps promote mutual learning for church planting:

What could happen if we gathered together a large room full of the most significant and influential church planting leaders in the country? That was the question I asked myself a few years ago. It occurred to me that leaders who lead church planting efforts at the denominational and network level do not have a peer learning community. There is not a safe place for them to gather together, learn from one another, be friends with each other, and seek ways to see the gospel advanced as churches are planted.

It was out of that desire that the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship (CPLF) was birthed. Since that time, we have gathered together this exciting group twice each year. Represented among this group are approximately 75% of all US and Canadian Evangelical church plants each year.

Well, we’ve decide to gather such a group for evangelism leaders. We are planning to launch the group this summer, as part of our national conference at Wheaton College, “Amplify: Reclaiming Mission and Evangelism in the Local Church.” More on that later, but the conference will meet June 28-31 at Wheaton College. While there, we will connect with key evangelism leaders like Luis Palau, Kevin Harney, and many more to be announced. The evangelism leaders will be having private meetings alongside the conference as well.

To be a member of the Evangelism Leaders Fellowship, you will need to be a leader tasked with the purpose of encouraging or leading evangelism for a network, denomination, etc. We will begin the organization this summer, discuss ways to collaborate, share ideas across denominations, etc.

The first meeting will be a part of the Amplify conference, then we will talk about future meetings from there. If you are interested, you can email micah.fries@lifeway.com. This is not open to everyone—for example, it’s not for pastors or for those with products to sell. Instead, it’s for people who work with pastors and help connect them with resources, etc.

We will be sharing more later, but want you to be aware. Please share with leaders in your denomination, network, and nonprofit.

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