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December 17, 2015Leadership

Weekend Edition: December 18, 2015

Leading a joyful team, practicing what you preach, and more.
Weekend Edition: December 18, 2015

Five Reasons a Team Lacks JoyEric Geiger

Such a good word from Eric.

The biggest Pinocchios of 2015Glenn Kessler

This is a helpful look at some of the lies, bad info, or just “stretched” stories.

Note that it includes Democrats, Republicans, “hands up, don’t shoot,” and some bad stats.

What Happens When the Fed Raises Rates, In One Rube Goldberg MachineThe Upshot

I guess economics is not my “brand,” but I lot of people have been asking about what the Fed move means and I found this helpful.

A Deep Dive Into Party AffiliationPew Research Center

Here’s a look at politics by demographics, including faith.

Practice What You PreachJon Brown

Helpful, and practical, from Jon Brown in our LifeWay Church Leaders site.

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Is this the best we can do for Jesus' birthday?

I'm not to sure it's appropriate to joke about the death of Jesus like this...

That's not a very nice way to talk about our politicians.

This week's church signs come from Jeph Guinan, Nick Poole, and Ray Umphrey. As always, send me your signs via Twitter to@EdStetzer.

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Weekend Edition: December 18, 2015