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Morning Roundup 6/2/15

Pastors' Spouses; Time-lapse of NYC; Getting Attention in the Christian Blogosphere
Morning Roundup 6/2/15

Eleven Things Pastors Need to Know Their Spouses Are ThinkingThom Rainer

Such a helpful post from Thom Rainer.

Time-lapse of 500 Years of NYC history as seen from the new 1 World Trade CenterA Journey Through NYC Religions

As I learned recently, my ancestors were one of the founding families of New Amsterdam. However, that's not what I knew growing up. We were Irish and we were stronemasons. So, it's pretty neat to see both of those in this video!

6 ways to get attention in the Christian blogosphereAaron Armstrong

Aaron Armstrong brings a touch of irony and truth.

On this episode of The Exchange, Anthony Evans, Jr., an artist, actor, producer and son of Dr. Tony Evans joins the show. Co-host Micah Fries sits with Anthony to discuss his faith journey, his career path, and what’s it like to be a believer in the entertainment industry.

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Morning Roundup 6/2/15