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May 21, 2015Leadership

Morning Roundup 5/21/15

Christians Learning from Business; Arizona Church Wars
Morning Roundup 5/21/15
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What Christians Can Learn from Secular Business ThinkingMatt Perman

I got to hang out with Matt recently during our Gospel Project broadcast. I love what he is writing, but I will tell you what I told him. His stuff is great, but it disappoints me that too many Calvinists wouldn't listen to so many other great Christian leaders with similar ideas until a Calvinist wrote them.

So, when Matt wrote this, I just say, "Hey, look, it's OK to learn from business thinking now." And, I am glad Matt is helping make it OK to a lot of new readers!

Faith fight: Churches at odds over teachingsLinda Williams

This is fascinating. I don't know the players, and I don't know if the news gets it right in this case.

But, increasingly, I do think the people will think that evangelicalism and mainline Protestantism increasingly look like two different religions. So, expect more of this in the years to come.

Going Negative: Traditionalist Churches Gang Up on "Progressive Christianity" in ArizonaReligion Dispatches

Here's the same story from another perspective. I'd love to find one on what the others are thinking.

By the way, I am guessing that these are not fundamentalist churches, and not just because you wouldn't get eight fundamentalist chruches to team up on anything! My guess is they are evanglicals, and I'd like to know what they were thinking.

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Morning Roundup 5/21/15