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May 31, 2015Leadership

Saturday is for Seminars: Concordia University Irvine and the Ancient Evangelical Future Conference (Pittsburgh)

Join us in either Irvine, CA or Pittsburgh, PA this week for two great conferences.
Saturday is for Seminars: Concordia University Irvine and the Ancient Evangelical Future Conference (Pittsburgh)

Tuesday, June 2nd—Great Commission Summit at Concordia University Irvine (Irvine, CA)

This coming Tuesday, I will be speaking at the Great Commission Summit at Concordia University in Irvine, California. I will speak twice on Tuesday morning, and the other keynote speaker is Soong-Chan Rah, so you know it will be thought provoking!

Here's a bit about the conference:

The Concordia University Irvine Great Commission Summit exists to teach, equip and connect pastors and church leaders to be effective ministers of the Gospel amid the changing dynamic of global Christianity. The 2015 CUI Great Commission Summit is a two-day event designed to engage pastors and lay leaders to better understand their place within the global Christian church so that they can better grow where they are planted.
Learning From the Church In The Global South
Learn the Biblical and relational principles behind the why and the what of the work being done, and how those principles and relationships are contributing to growth Appreciate, in order to emulate, the spiritual vitality of those that are a part of God’s Kingdom where movement is occurring, and recognize how spiritual vitality relates to the growth taking place Understand the cultural realities and “seasons” that are contributing to the growth in a particular country or place
Applying What Is Learned to Your Own Context
Learn how to contextualize, (and do some contextualizing and applying of) the principles learned, to the North American mission field Internalize and personalize the Gospel’s and the Holy Spirit’s work as it relates to faith and spiritual vitality Understand the cultural “season” that North America is in, and how that relates to the receptivity of the Gospel and the growth of the Church
Provide a Relational Network for Church Leaders Concerned With the Impact of Global Christianity on Their Own Church
Create a place and an environment for long-term relationships and partnerships to be built among those in attendance, in order to break through the isolation and competition that are often found in the Church; isolation and competition which are hindering the growth of the Church and the transformation of leaders Embody through the Global Summit, the principle: Learning without relationships = Information. Learning with relationships = Transformation

If you'd like to join us, register here.

I love my Lutheran sisters and brothers, and appreciate their invitation.

Just remember, if you are a Protestant, you wouldn't be one if it were not for Martin Luther.

Thursday, June 4th—Ancient Evangelical Future Conference at Trinity School for Ministry (Ambridge, PA)

On Thursday and Friday of the coming week, I'll be back in Ambridge, Pennsylvania at the Trinity School for Ministry at the Ancient Evangelical Future Conference, whose theme this year is, "For the Life of the World: The Church's Mission in a Pluralistic Age."

Here's a bit about this conference:

How does a biblical theology of the mission of God guide the American Church in the 21st century? How does the increasingly pluralistic and global character of the American context shape the Church’s engagement with that context? How might the experience of early urban Christians help the Church to answer these questions? And what are the implications of those answers for Christian mission today?

Christian mission to an increasingly post-Christian society is the focus of the third annual Ancient Evangelical Future Conference, June 4-5, 2015. The Conference will be hosted by the Robert E. Webber Center and held at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Framed in the context of Christian worship and community, this conference promises to inform, encourage and refresh all who attend.

On Thursday, I'll be speaking on the church and the mission of Jesus. I've used Robert Webber's work on many occasions, and I look forward to being at this conference in his honor.

Pray for us. Pray for these conferences. Pray we make much of Jesus!

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Saturday is for Seminars: Concordia University ...