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September 18, 2015Leadership

20 Truths from The High Definition Leader by Derwin Gray

Do you have what it takes to be a high definition leader?
20 Truths from The High Definition Leader by Derwin Gray

1. A high-definition leader is a leader who is so passionate about the glory of God being revealed through the local church that he or she is willing to learn how to be a cross-cultural, gospel-of-grace preaching, organizational-strategizing, leader-developing disciple of people who partners with the Lord Jesus in building local churches that reflect the future of the church in the present. (17)

2. High-definition leaders cast a vision that unifies and moves their congregation toward becoming missional, multiethnic local churches. (45)

3. God is calling local churches in America and the world to be communities of unifiers and reconcilers, not dividers. Just as the church in Jerusalem only wanted to reach fellow Jews, the church in America is guilty of having ministry models that create homogenous local churches. (47)

4. High-definition leaders realize that the ethnic unity of God’s church is a sign to the world that his kingdom has broken through the darkness, establishing peace between enemies. (51)

5. High-definition leaders realize that when ethnically diverse people accept one another in a local church context, they bring praise to God. (56)

6. High-definition leaders build ethnically diverse local church leadership teams that are trained in cross-cultural competency. (63)

7. High-definition leaders recruit and build worship teams that can create music to bring together ethnically diverse people. (64)

8. The local church is a community of grace where messed-up people become masterpieces. (73)

9. High-definition leaders are committed to a gospel that creates local churches where the walls of hostility are broken down by the power of God’s peace, reconciliation, and love. (74)

10. High-definition leaders are under an obligation to preach the gospel to everyone and desire to build ethnically diverse local churches. (78)

11. High-definition leaders are committed to a deep gospel that goes beyond just saving souls to building heavenly, barrier-breaking communities of reconciliation. (80)

12. High-definition leaders reject ethnocentrism and assimilation and embrace Christocentrism and accommodation. High-definition leaders want people with ethnically diverse backgrounds and cultures to make the local church better and more reflective of God’s kingdom. (82)

13. High-definition leaders believe the same Holy Spirit that birthed the beautiful multiethnic church at Antioch in the first century can do the same in the United States in the twenty-first century. (91)

14. High-definition leaders are burdened with the thought that without a gospel-centered, Jesus-focused missional strategy, local churches will be even more segregated within an increasingly multiethnic America. (100)

15. If the church in America is going to be truly missional and equip local congregations, we must grab hold of Jesus’ heart for diverse local churches. (108)

16. Gospel-centered worship is not simply singing but a lifestyle submerged in, interwoven with, and united to Jesus’ very life. When worship is a lifestyle, evangelism is not an activity but an identity. (115)

17. Discipleship isn’t just knowing more about Jesus; it’s about knowing Jesus personally and being transformed into his image through constant exposure of the gospel of grace in the context of a local church. (116)

18. Love is not something God does. Love is who he is in his essential being. God loves and desires the whole of humanity to know his love and become a part of his people. (131)

19. High-definition leaders refuse to allow individualism, consumerism, classism, our racist history in America, and the homogenous unit principle to hijack the gospel of Jesus Christ. (139)

20. High-definition leaders rely on Ephesians 3:14–21 as an example of how to pray for Jesus to plant and build his multiethnic church. (159)

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20 Truths from The High Definition Leader by Derwin Gray