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September 18, 2015Leadership

Weekend Edition: September 18, 2015

Pastors who lead change well, American heresies, and more on this week's Weekend Edition.
Weekend Edition: September 18, 2015

10 Practices of Pastors Who Lead Change and SurviveRick Howerton

A good and helpful word from my friend Rick Howerton.

The Spiritual Consequences of Tech AddictionAdam Jeske

OK, I like this article. Sorta’. But now I need to think more about its implications in my life. ;-)

America’s Deepest HeresyScot McKnight

Fascinating look at heresy in America.

Save the Drama: Raising Girls Who Speak TruthJen Wilkin

Raising girls is the hardest thing I’ve ever done… and I am always thankful for good advice.

10 Things Effective Churches Do WellChuck Lawless

Be sure to read Chuck’s advice—he regularly blogs at ThomRainer.com.

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What, is this supposed to be some sort of kid's song? So dark.

This week's church sign comes from Tyler Armstrong. As always, send me your signs via Twitter to @EdStetzer.

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Weekend Edition: September 18, 2015