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April 8, 2016Humor

Tales from the School Drop-Off Line—April 8, 2016

It's a DROP off line...
Tales from the School Drop-Off Line—April 8, 2016

So, I try to take my kids to school in the morning and drop them off. It’s a great time to have them in an enclosed space where they have to talk to me!

Eventually we come to the school where, it appears all logic falls apart in the drop-off line.

Perhaps some parents need a refresher on the phrase “drop-off.”

It’s where we release something that was previously in our possession, namely our educationally needy child. In some of these instances I’m not sure who needs an education worse. :-)

For instance, here’s my pic of the day. if you have to get our of the car to unbuckle your 6th grader’s carseat, or help them unload the life-size replica of the solar system they made out of smoked gouda cheese, you don’t go to the drop-off line.

The city fathers designed a place for that. It’s called “the parking lot.” It’s not that hard.

Folks on Twitter and Facebook had thoughts of their own:

Be watching for #DropoffLineProbz on Twitter and join the convo. It’s all in good fun, so relax (unlike me in the drop off line).

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Tales from the School Drop-Off Line—April 8, 2016