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April 29, 2016Humor, Leadership

Weekend Edition—April 29, 2016

Jesus' skin color, religion in school, hiring mistakes, and more!
Weekend Edition—April 29, 2016

Why Jesus’ Skin Color MattersChristena Cleveland

Context always matters, and this is doubly true when understanding the life of Christ.

Religious Indoctrination and the Proselytizing Public SchoolTrevin Wax

Good words on the balance needed in public school settings.

why the world needs more families done with living safe & ready to risk breaking out of comfort zonesCraig Greenfield (via Ann Voskamp)

A remarkable story what we learn about God’s love through children.

Majority of pastors suffer in silence over financial challenges—RNS

Churches, step up and start thinking through how to deal with this.

Two Common Hiring Mistakes Churches MakeEric Geiger

This could easily be 200, so I’m glad Eric chose two important ones to address.

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Church Signs


This sign is a middle-school boy’s dream.

I took this one and I waited days for them to get the spelling right. When they did not, I assumed they wanted me to share.

Thanks to Kevin Bussey, Jay Morris, and yours truly for this week's church signs. As always you can tweet pics of church signs you see to @EdStetzer.

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Weekend Edition—April 29, 2016