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Feb 19, 2016
Weekend Edition

Weekend Edition—February 19, 2016

Cosmo, Missing church planting, a New justice, and more! |
Weekend Edition—February 19, 2016

The history behind Cosmo’s war on womenWarren Cole Smith

A fascinating interview with Sue Ellen Browder on the women's rights movement and Cosmopolitan magazine.

7 Things I Miss About Church Planting in an Established ChurchRon Edmondson

Good observations from Ron on some important differences.

Sri Srinivasan: The first Hindu on the Supreme Court?Lauren Markoe

He's on nearly every speculated short-list to replace Antonin Scalia, but who is he?

When You’re Struggling: Who Can You Really Trust These Days?Beth Moore

Beth Moore guest posting on Ann Voskamp's blog. That's real woman power.

Unashamed Outsider: What Evangelicals Can Learn From LeCraeTrevin Wax

Great analysis of how LeCrae's new book differs from other recent Black memoirs like those of Coates and Thompson.

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Thinking About Expository Preaching—Part 2

Marriage and Ministry

Trend #3 for the Future of Church Planting: Residencies and Theological Education

Am I My City’s Keeper?

Reflections from the GC2 Summit—Cynthia Thompson

Sunday Journeys: Celebrating and Praying at James River Assembly of God

Church Signs

It seems legalization is spreading.

Not even sure how to price it.

Oh. The previous picture makes more sense now.

Thanks to Scott Magdalein, John Harvey, and Bruce Sabin for church signs this week. As always, you can tweet your church signs to @EdStetzer on Twitter.

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Weekend Edition—February 19, 2016