July 22, 2016Culture, Leadership

Weekend Edition—July 22, 2016

Distractions, Work, a Diverse America, Church signs, and more!
Weekend Edition—July 22, 2016

Are We Distracting Ourselves to Death?Karen Swallow Prior

Paul’s admonition to press toward the mark comes to mind in these days.

Do God’s Will, Not His WorkBethany Jenkins

A great word on how we compete with ourselves and others.

America Will Learn to Be a Diverse Nation or It Will ImplodeChris Martin

Not loving and appreciating our neighbors is not an option for Christians.

Turkey coup attempt: Who's the target of Erdogan's purge?BBC

As eventful as 2016 has been, Turkey could be the biggest story yet.

We Should Reflect the Diversity of Our Community & Proclaim the Diversity of the KingdomJ.D. Greear

Churches should be intentional about reflecting the demographic of their communities.

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Church Signs

Doing my part to keep this viral sign going.

To “B” or not to “B”? That is the question.

A lot of people would like to tell Pokemon Go a thing or two...

Thanks to Kayne Jeselink, Millon Threatt, and Kathy Strauch for this week’s church signs. As always you can tweet your church signs to @EdStetzer.

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Weekend Edition—July 22, 2016