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Jul 1, 2016
Weekend Edition

Weekend Edition—July 1, 2016

Care for Refugees, America Divided, Church Signs, and more! |
Weekend Edition—July 1, 2016

Evangelicals and refugees: Care first, conversion maybe laterAdelle M. Banks

Love and care may open the door to the gospel, but even if not we should love and care.

Today’s Betrayal of Women by the Female Bloc on SCOTUSDr. Gerard Nadal

Razor sharp analysis of how the three female SCOTUS justices betrayed women.

The Plight of the Falling PastorDaniel Darling interviews Scott Sauls

Pastors can never have too much encouragement toward faithfulness.

Dream, Believe, Do, Repeat.Audrey Assad

A Syrian-American worship leader reflects on the refugee crisis.

DIVIDED AMERICA: Evangelicals Feel Alienated, Anxious—Associated Press

Without an intervention of God I don’t see this changing.

The Associated Press also produced this video based on the above article.

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Earlier his week on The Exchange

Wise Decision-Making in God’s Economy

Issues in the Future of Evangelicalism

3 Challenges in Urban Ministry

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Church)

Gospel-Centered Evangelism for a Multiethnic World

The Nations Have Come to Our Cities

California's Religious Liberty Moment—Coming to a State Near You

Church Signs

This takes “house of merchandise” to a totally different level.

At least the man is honest.

Next week, “The Humility of the Sign Man.”

Thanks to Chuck Monan, Millon Threatt, and Thom Reagan for this week’s signs. As always you can tweet your church sign pics to @EdStetzer.

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Weekend Edition—July 1, 2016