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Mar 16, 2016

20 Truths from Bound to be Free by D.A. Horton

Nothing in life is like freedom in Christ. |
20 Truths from Bound to be Free by D.A. Horton

1. By the Holy Spirit’s empowering (Romans 8:9-13), you can walk in the freedom Christ has provided you with from sin and the encumbrances that weigh you down (Hebrews 12:1-2). (11)

2. I have found that when my focus is on my trajectory, my relationships, my lack of affirmation, and the success of my peers, mental anguish hovers over me like my own personal rain cloud. It is during these times that I began to doubt God's call in my life, my effectiveness for His glory, and even my call as a minister of the gospel. (14)

3. God has already determined our steps, and in our daily walk with Him we progressively discover what He’s determined. (20)

4. In the performance trap, tension and turmoil combine to serve as the double-edge sword that lodges deep in the heart of our ambition. With every life movement we make, the sword drives deeper into our souls, causing restless pain. (24)

5. Remember, the tension in our life involves our calling from God as well as what others want our life to look like. (26)

6. Self-induced legalism masks itself as condemnation when conviction over sin becomes real. Believers must learn the difference between conviction and condemnation. (32)

7. It’s life's greatest quandary. We were created by God to have fellowship with Him, and since He placed eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11), we long to be connected to He who is eternal. (39)

8. Negativity and neglect are real. Inside the performance trap they each form a shackle connected to chains of regret and bitterness. Experiencing negativity and neglect causes our hearts to assume that God treats us the same way. (47)

9. We must make the conscious decision every day to fight our fleshly belief that peace with God is a feeling and not a fact—and we need to especially do this when we are wrestling with the lack of affirmation in our life. (51)

10. We really won't appreciate what is been given to us unless we contrast the reality of our former life before we were in Christ. (59)

11. The first guideline is our trust in God. Instead of focusing on the nuances of where we think God is calling/leading us, we place our trust in His unfailing promises found in His Word. (62)

12. The second guideline is our reconciliation to God through Christ alone. The pressure that we feel from performing to maintain relationships is no longer an issue because we now realize that the only performance God concerns Himself with is that of Christ Jesus, who offered Himself in the place of sinners as a sinless sacrifice.(62)

13. The third guideline is God's affection for every single one of His children. It's liberating when we understand that God's love for us is unfailing and unconditional. This truth allows us to receive God’s affection on an ongoing basis and remain encouraged whether affirmation from others comes or not. (62)

14. The fourth guideline is the partnership we operate in with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Once we begin to look at the Scriptures regarding God's work in our life through the stages of salvation (justification, sanctification, and glorification) we can understand God is equally keeping all of the saints during all of life's ups and downs. (62)

15. Scripture eases the tension in our souls by telling us we’re guaranteed to grow in Christ while we endure through our afflictions. (67)

16. When we walk in forgiveness we are no longer slaves to our offender and the offense they committed against us and we do not have to return evil for evil towards them (1 Peter 3:9). (78)

17. God articulates this liberating truth to His children throughout the New Testament. He loves us before, during, and after we make our sinful and honest mistakes. (81)

18. The freedom every believer has in Christ provides an escape from the performance trap as it relates to fights with insecurity and depression because of lack of affirmation. (83)

19. What amazes me all the more about God's desire to save us is the fact that we willfully put ourselves in the position of needing to be saved because we pursued sin instead of a Savior. (91)

20. Imagine the freedom they will have as you share God's work through your life story and how you left the performance trap in order to find rest in Christ. Show them the trap of His grace. (95)

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Posted:March 16, 2016 at 6:00 am


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20 Truths from Bound to be Free by D.A. Horton