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100 Episodes on Church Planting and Multisite

Ed Stetzer, Todd Adkins, and Daniel Im have answered over a hundred listener-submitted church planting questions.
100 Episodes on Church Planting and Multisite

Ed Stetzer, Todd Adkins, and I recently celebrated our 100th episode on the Q&A Podcast. It’s been such a joy to dream up and implement this idea of a podcast that answered real life church planting, multisite, and pastoral leadership questions. It's so encouraging to see that we're now getting over 20,000 downloads a month!

Our heart is to serve the church in her mission of making disciples by helping her multiply. That’s what this podcast is all about. As a result, twice a week, we answer listener submitted questions.

Here are the questions from our top 5 most downloaded episodes:

  • Episode 1:As a young church planter, what are some blind spots that I need to be aware of?
  • Episode 3:In a context with so few believers, what strategies would you recommend for church planters to expand their network in order to raise financial support?
  • Episode 11:The growth is slow in my church. What are the growth barriers in church planting?
  • Episode 59:On launch day, what would you recommend to preach on? What would be your first series?
  • Episode 61:What are the differences in gifts and temperaments for someone who will revitalize a church vs someone who will plant a new church?

More than any other topic we covered, bivocational ministry was definitely the one with the most questions! This is because I believe it’s a trend for the future of church planting, as well as a topic with little to few resources out there.

Here are the episodes we’ve recorded so far on bivocational ministry:

  • Episode 9: Bivocational and Missional Church Planting
  • Episode 17: The Future of Bivocational Church Planting
  • Episode 49: Marketplace Jobs and Bivocational Ministry
  • Episode 63: Does the House Church Model Work in the West?
  • Episode 65: Self-Sufficiency, Survivability, and Financial Expectations
  • Episode 92: Bivocational Ministry

And as always, we love to speak in tweetables and quotables. So here are my favorite soundbytes from the 100 episodes:

  • “If you do not kill and crush the simple and the complicated, then you will not have time for the complex.”
  • “Spend time with the leaders and the lost.”
  • “I don’t know that I’d do a Pokémon Go service, but I’d serve Pokémon Go participants.”
  • “The natural result of growth is multiplication. We need to start somewhere.”
  • “It’s easier to birth a baby than raise the dead.”

What questions do you have on church planting, multisite, multiplication, and leadership? Ed, Todd, and I are ready to answer them! Leave us a voicemail here and I promise you that we’ll answer it!

Here’s to another 100 episodes and counting! Subscribe today and never miss an episode.

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100 Episodes on Church Planting and Multisite