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February 20, 2017Evangelism & Discipleship

Introducing the New BGCE Gospel Life Podcast

A new short podcast to help you show and share the love of Jesus each week.
Introducing the New BGCE Gospel Life Podcast

It’s hard to believe it’s been over seven months since I officially took the role of Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College. It’s been a fun journey so far with some great (and creative) people. One of the reasons I came to the Center was because I wanted to spend more time focusing on evangelism and training the Church to show and share the love of Jesus more often and more effectively today.

At the Center, we are building out initiatives and launching institutes. We are also creating lots of helpful resources to equip Christians today to share their faith, moving them beyond apathy or fear and into our call as followers of Christ.

Last week, we launched our latest resource: the Gospel Life Podcast. Gospel Life is our multimedia brand of resources we have created, which includes a blog, a YouTube channel, and now a podcast.

We launched the podcast to help you start your week thinking about ways to engage those around you with the good news of the gospel. The podcasts are short—less than two minutes. But our hope is that what you hear would give you more courage to start engaging people with the gospel.

Research has shown that 79% of unchurched people said that they would engage in a faith conversation if their Christian friends asked. That’s great news. What isn’t so great is that only 30% of Christians have actually shared with an unchurched people how to become a Christian.

Our world is longing for something that will fill their hearts. We are the message-bearers. Our prayer is that this podcast would encourage and equip you to show and share the love of Jesus in new and creative ways.

Episode One | Why is Gospel Witness Important?

Join Ed Stetzer, executive director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, as he discusses the reality of where we are without Jesus, the importance of gospel witness, and our role in pointing others to Jesus.

Episode Two | Are You Praying for Gospel Conversations?

John C. Richards, managing director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, discusses the importance of praying for gospel conversations. Once we start praying, God will begin to open doors, and it will astonish us what He will then do. So if you aren’t, start praying this week that God would lead you to the people He wants you to engage with the good news of Jesus.

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Introducing the New BGCE Gospel Life Podcast