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20 Truths from ‘Mining for Gold’

Tom Camacho offers a fresh perspective on how to draw out the best in ourselves and in those around us.
20 Truths from ‘Mining for Gold’
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1. “A loving, fruitful, and multiplying leader is a work of art, a masterpiece fashioned by the hands of God Himself” (Page 3).

2. “Mining for gold is a leadership paradigm that incorporates the best principles of Christ-centered coaching into our everyday practice of developing others. Mining for Gold/Coaching Leadership is a fresh way to look at leadership development. It is a Spirit-led process” (Page 6).

3. “Thriving kingdom leaders are not a coincidence. They are the product of God’s intentional loving care and development” (Page 7).

4. “In order to see the gold God has placed in a person, we need to see them with the eyes of the Spirit. To draw out someone’s true potential, we need to cooperate with the Spirit of God” (Page 15).

5. “We need to see the value of the things (especially the people) that are right in front of us” (Page 23).

6. “Coaching principles can take our leadership to a whole new level. We could learn to free people, not just fill positions” (Page 26).

7. “Coaching leadership feels more like a shepherd leading sheep than a CEO building a corporation. It is much more relational, intimate and patient. The pace is slower and more relaxed” (Page 27).

8. “When we empower on a daily basis we are freeing up time for ourselves to think more strategically, to consider the long-term implications, and to hear the Holy Spirit” (Page 29).

9. “Coaching leadership helps us find clarity. Clarity leads to momentum and a true experience of thriving” (Page 44).

10. “Pain can save our lives. Pain without clarity is like being sick and not knowing what’s wrong. You feel awful but you don’t know what is causing it. You can lose hope of ever being whole” (Page 49).

11. “In our digital, high-speed world, deep listening is a rare and beautiful thing. It is profound in these fast-paced days to actually slow down and have a deep and meaningful conversation” (Page 56).

12. “Leaders need to take ownership of their own growth and commit to doing something new about their issue. They must do something they were not doing before” (Page 65).

13. “It is this dynamic of God using ordinary, anxious and unskilled people to do amazing things that makes Coaching Leadership such an exciting process. God seems to look past the obvious and the qualified to choose the hidden and the unqualified to do His greatest work. He doesn’t want to use a few, super-gifted and confident people” (Page 69).

14. “Something beautiful and powerful takes place when we pray multiplication prayers and pursue multiplication goals” (Page 77).

15. “Although God’s refining processes are not always gentle or painless, we rest in the knowledge that His heart and motives are always good towards us. God’s refining is not punishment. It is rooted in love” (Page 85).

16. “Our relationship with God must move beyond information ABOUT God to an intimate walk WITH God” (Page 103).

17. “We are not created to have all the gifts. We are only asked to steward our gifts for the good of others and the glory of God.” (Page 123).

18. “A key part of the process of coming into our sweet spot is realizing we have the power to make changes that lead to thriving” (Page 139).

19. “For the Christian leader, death is the pathway to life and freedom” (Page 142).

20. “If we live beyond God’s boundaries, we will miss the biblical thriving God created for us” (Page 158).

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20 Truths from ‘Mining for Gold’