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One-on-One with Greg Stier on Dare 2 Share LIVE

“If teenagers share their faith consistently over the short term, they’re more likely to keep their faith over the long term.”
One-on-One with Greg Stier on Dare 2 Share LIVE
Image: Madison Lewis/Dare 2 Share

Ed: Tell us a little bit about Dare 2 Share.

Greg: Dare 2 Share is all about raising up teenagers to reach their generation with the hope of Jesus.

I started Dare 2 Share Ministries 28 years ago. I ran Dare 2 Share part-time while working as a pastor of a church in Arvada, Colorado. After the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, I said “Enough is enough” and shifted my focus on Dare 2 Share full-time.

I am convinced that stopping school shootings is not a matter of political intervention, but spiritual transformation. Nothing transforms like the message of Jesus. I witnessed this firsthand as a child when inner city, violent family members, one by one, were transformed by the power of the gospel. They went from street fighters to street preachers almost overnight.

It was in this setting that, as a fatherless kid in a crime-ridden part of the city, I got my calling to reach teens. Since that fateful day in 1999, Dare 2 Share has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of teenagers across the country, motivating and equipping them to relationally reach out to those who don’t know Jesus with the gospel message of hope.

Ed: Why is there an urgency to reach teenagers with the message of the gospel now more than ever?

The idea is that if teenagers share their faith consistently over the short term, they’re more likely to keep their faith over the long term.

What motivates me the most is not just retention of the current and coming generation of Christian teenagers raised in Christian families, but also the possibility of exponential growth of the church through teenagers reaching their generation for Jesus.

What if we did more than retain teenagers in the church? What if we gained more teenagers in the faith because Christian teens were advancing the gospel with their lives and their lips? What if we did more than stop the current decline? What if we turned it into an incline?

A great student awakening could turn all those stats around in a Holy Spirit instant! This is exactly what we are praying for, planning for, and pushing for at Dare 2 Share.

Ed: This is the third year of Dare 2 Share LIVE. What is different about Dare 2 Share LIVE from previous years?

Greg: We’re really excited about Dare 2 Share LIVE this year and the changes we’ve made from last year. The biggest change is that we will have our first international site in Paraguay. We have also changed our pricing structure, so the churches buy a kit that includes registration instead of each student having to buy their own registration.

We are also offering streaming-only licenses to churches that would like to attend but don’t have a satellite site nearby.

Attendees can expect to be transformed, equipped, and inspired through this one-day event. There will be relevant teaching from national youth speakers, skits, and dramas communicated with clarity and motivation for students to go deeper in their faith, a high energy Praise & Worship Gospel party, a faith-sharing outreach event in the afternoon, and thousands of peers mobilized through an app.

Our talent lineup includes: Vertical Worship, Zane Black, Esteban Shedd, the Skit Guys & me.

Churches can get involved by signing up to attend a satellite site near them at dare2sharelive.org. If there aren’t any satellite sites nearby, they can also sign up to be a streaming site by calling our office at (303) 425-1606.

Ed: For youth leaders who have struggled to get their young people excited about sharing their faith, what first step can they take towards building a gospel-advancing youth ministry?

Greg: Nothing is more rewarding for youth leaders than when their students begin reaching students with the gospel. God’s kingdom grows with new believers, teenagers grow in their faith and leaders experience a renewed, refreshed passion for God and ministry.

But they must be equipped. We offer a ton of great resources to help youth leaders get started. Check out dare2share.org and subscribe to my podcast Gospelize with Greg Stier.

But more than anything, pray. Pray for revival. Pray for the unreached teens in your community to be reached and for Christian teens in your youth group to do the reaching.

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One-on-One with Greg Stier on Dare 2 Share LIVE