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January 22, 2020Interviews, Revitalization

20 Truths for ‘Unburdened’ by Vance Pitman

“The primary call on my life is not to do something for Jesus; the primary call on my life is to be with Jesus”
20 Truths for ‘Unburdened’ by Vance Pitman

1. “The Christian life is not me living for Jesus, but Jesus living His life in and through me” (Page 22).

2. “When I look around the American Church today, I see two primary targets people are aiming at in their spiritual lives: activity and information” (Page 30).

3. “…we prefer a superficial system of religion over a genuine relationship with Jesus because the superficial system is easier to control. We have a built-in desire to measure our performance whenever possible…” (Page 32).

4. “One of the key patterns of Jesus’ life was building intentional, engaging, loving relationships with people who were far from God so that they could come to know God through him” (Page 47).

5. “As a Jesus follower, your identity is not in what you do. Your identity is found in who you are in Christ—a loved, accepted child of the Father enjoying a fellowship relationship with Him” (Page 50).

6. “The primary call on my life is not to do something for Jesus; the primary call on my life is to be with Jesus” (Page 63).

7. “The first symptom of ‘trying’ to follow Jesus is believing that spiritual growth and spiritual maturity can be earned” (Page 80 ).

8. “Our obedience is in direct proportion to our love” (Page 56).

9.“A life of humility before Christ always leads to a life of victory in Christ” (Page 59).

10. “The New Testament knows nothing of Christianity without community” (Page 115).

11. “…we have become very good within the church at covering our selfishness with a blanket of spirituality. Or, more accurately, we cover our conflict-causing thoughts and actions with a blanket of religion” (Page 128).

12. “It is impossible to be right with God and not be right with God’s family” (Page 132).

13. “Following Jesus is about a love relationship with God. But following Jesus is also about a love relationship with your brothers and sisters in Christ” (Page 147).

14. “Far too often, if we are not intentionally pursuing Jesus, we find ourselves in a posture of spiritual complacency, rather than missional urgency. All the while, the call of God is for is to actively join in what he is doing locally and globally” (page 175).

15. “Through Jesus, we have the ability to know the truth about God, and to know him personally. Jesus was sent on a mission so that the people of the earth could know who God is and know Him personally” (Page 183).

16. “…if people in our churches have never heard of the Great Commission, then they certainly are not carrying out the Great Commission” (Page 192).

17. “The kingdom of God is God’s sovereign activity in the world resulting in people being in right relationship with Himself” (Page 196).

18. “Persecution is not the greatest obstacle to the expansion of God’s kingdom in the world” (Page 200).

19. “It is impossible to say, ‘my relationship with God is good,’ and not have a passion for God’s kingdom to be expanded locally and globally” (Page 202).

20. “Every relationship in my life is developed by choosing to invest time in that relationship” (Page 210).

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20 Truths for ‘Unburdened’ by Vance Pitman