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October 1, 2020Interviews

One-on-One with R. York Moore on ‘Seen. Known. Loved.’

How to use the 5 love language to deepen your relationship with God.
One-on-One with R. York Moore on ‘Seen. Known. Loved.’
Image: Chapman and Moore, Northfield Publishing.

Ed: What is the basic message of Seen.Known.Loved?

Moore: We want people to learn how to feel God’s love—to actually experience it. We believe it isn’t good enough or God’s plan that we should just merely know about His love, but rather that we should be in love with Him and experience His love in meaningful, tangible ways. Through this book, we help readers connect the unique way in which they experience love (The 5 Love Languages) with their deepest hope and aspiration and then show them how God has already been working specifically in these areas throughout their lives to draw them into relationship with Himself. Our ultimate hope is that readers come to faith in Christ, begin to love the Bible, practice prayer, and find authentic and transformative Christian community. This is the perfect book to gift to non-Christians and through extensive field testing, we have recorded that most readers as a result of the book make a commitment to Bible reading and many have given their lives to Christ.

Ed: What was the inspiration behind the book?

Moore: It is no secret that Dr. Gary Chapman’s ‘5 Love Languages’ is a global phenomenon. It has impacted millions of lives and countless marriages. I (York) have also been deeply shaped by the 5 Love Languages early in my marriage and owe a great deal of my success in marriage to Dr. Gary Chapman’s work. Over the last 30 years as an evangelist, I have come to believe that there is a corresponding concept to the 5 Love Languages I call the ‘5 Heart Hopes.’ The 5 Heart Hopes are the deep core drivers that shape and define people and their decisions. Their Heart Hope is directly correlated to their Love Language. When Gary and I got together to write an evangelistic book, we decided to structure the book around the relationship between his 5 Love Languages and my 5 Heart Hopes. Each chapter invites the reader to consider what their core hope is. For instance, a person whose love language is ‘gifts,’ I believe has a corresponding heart hope that drives them to answer the question, ‘do I have worth?’ A person whose love language is ‘acts of service’ is driven to answer the heart hope question, ‘am I making a difference?’ The inspiration of this short book is to give the reader a very easy and intuitive on-ramp to a real and transformative relationship with Jesus and God’s Word.

Ed: What is your hope for Seen.Known.Loved?

Moore: First and foremost, we hope that many readers take the very first step into a relationship with Jesus. We set out to write the ‘More Than a Carpenter’ for an emotionally curious and sophisticated generation. Just as God used books like that, we hope this little book will spark an evangelism revolution amongst Christians who are eager to share Christ and are looking for a simple to use tool to do so. Stories are already pouring in during these early days of hair stylists, baristas, Uber drivers, aunts, moms, daughters, teachers, and others who have been given the book and as a result have been deeply impacted. Most readers make a commitment to begin Bible reading—this is the number one thing we’ve seen through the book so far. Our hope is also to see millions of Christian readers deeply encouraged in their faith, reacquainted with God’s love for them and inspired to share that love with others! Seen.Known.Loved is also the perfect book for readers who may be struggling in their faith and wanting a fresh start.

Ed: How has COVID-19 impacted or shaped the release of this book?

Moore: We began collaborating on Seen.Known.Loved before COVID-19 hit. As we finished the book, we did have to go back and re-evaluate a few chapters, making some very minor modifications. The reality, however, is that this book was made for a moment like this! We are living in such a time of uncertainty, fear, and instability and people are asking the big questions of their lives like never before. People feel invisible, living behind masks and closed doors. People feel unknown, living day by day distanced, with little to no physical contact. People are desperate to know that they are seen, that they are known, and that they are loved. The pandemic has put our mortality and the fragility of our lives front and center. People are more open to considering God and God’s Word—this is the perfect time to share a book like this with friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Sending a copy through Kindle, ordering a few to hand out, or having some shipped to others is a great way to share the love of Christ during a time where it is difficult to sit down over a cup of coffee or have people to dinner or a church service.

Seen.Known.Loved has already helped many people begin to understand their Love Language, their corresponding Heart Hope, and truly feel God’s love. Many have already begun to journey with God by making a commitment to read the Bible and most important, many have made the decision to step into a relationship with Christ by praying for salvation! Our hope is that many will use this book to introduce Jesus to those around them.

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One-on-One with R. York Moore on ‘Seen. Known. Loved.’