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Feb 21, 2012

The Power of Clarity in Your Church's Vision -- Matt Steen

Vision statements can be incredibly powerful tools to rally your congregation around your calling... or they can be incredibly obtuse statements that make people yawn in powerful new ways. The difference is how you approach ...

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Feb 20, 2012

Rick Santorum's recent comments about President Obama's theology has once again brought forward the question of candidates at their religious talk. Huffington Post's Senior Religion Editor Paul Brandeis Raushenbush opined in his editorial "Rick Santorum's Political and Biblical ...

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Feb 20, 2012

I am in Australia at the moment (Melbourne when this posts and then Sydney later in the day). I'm taking a few days off between speaking engagements to enjoy some time with Donna, my wife.

This is our 25th year of marriage and, although our anniversary is later this year, we ...

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Feb 16, 2012

If you're a church planting leader, my friends at Exponential have a helpful resource called Stories of Sifted, where leaders are sharing the struggles they face in the midst of church planting. The daily stories reflect the top 7 issues church planting leaders shared in a ...

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Feb 16, 2012

The New York Times is reporting "churches that are fighting to continue to hold worship services in city public schools won a 10-day reprieve on Thursday when a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order against the city's ban."

You can read the full story here.

I recently ...

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Feb 14, 2012

Easter Challenge to Pastors -- Eric Geiger

As Easter weekend approaches, I thought I would share a few thoughts for church leaders around two key words: assimilation and transformation. Though one does not necessarily lead to the other, they are both important.

Assimilation... ...

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Feb 13, 2012

That Word Above All Earthly Pow'rs: The Kingdom of the Cross Under the Sword of the Crescent -- White Horse Inn

Newsweek's current cover-story is "The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World," by Ayann Hirsi Ali, who fled her native Somalia and served in the Dutch Parliament ...

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Feb 9, 2012

Churches Go Less Formal to Make People Comfortable -- USA Today

Ron Williams is the pastor of Church at the GYM in Sanford, Fla. As the Baptist church's name implies, Williams' congregation meets in a gym. Williams says the goal is to remove the "stained-glass barriers" for people ...

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Feb 8, 2012

A few weeks ago, I spoke to a church in New York City that is now vulnerable to eviction from the school building where they meet because they spoke of the wrong things - religious things. As such, their speech is soon likely to be banned from NYC public school buildings that ...

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Feb 6, 2012

Last week, Komen for the Cure decided to no longer fund Planned Parenthood. The uproar was immediate and overwhelming from Planned Parenthood and the media.

Here is a recap:

Komen Says Planned Parenthood Plans Are Mischaracterized -- USA Today

The founder of Susan G. Komen for ...

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Feb 2, 2012

How Do You Preach a 'One Time' Sermon? -- Ed Stetzer at The Gospel Coalition

Whether someone is preaching in view of a call, filling in for a vacationing pastor, or performing a wedding, every pastor will have to deliver a "one time" sermon at some point. Deciding what to preach ...

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Feb 1, 2012

Komen Drops Planned Parenthood Support -- Christianity Today

Facing criticism and boycotts from pro-life groups, breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure has dropped its partnership and financial support of Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, the Associated Press ...

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Jan 30, 2012

Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah -- Brad Lomenick

Through the story of the Old Testament book, we can discover a few of the leadership qualities that [Nehemiah] possessed.

  1. Compassion
  2. Conviction
  3. Courage
  4. Confrontation
  5. Calling

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What's Missing from CBS' March for ...

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